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Lover of books, movies, and chocolate.

Mother of three awesome kids.

All around creative person.

Self-acknowledged introvert.

Dreamer of Paris.

Fascinated by octopus.

My Favorite Books

I’ve been doing a lot of organizing on my Goodreads profile lately and it’s brought back so many memories of the wonderful books I’ve read over the years. It’s also made me realize how subjective reading can be. There are books in my list I remember with more fondness than what my rating would indicate. I also came across books that I feel if I read now I would enjoy more because of where I am in my life.

Postcard Under Glass – Flash Fiction

I’ve been experimenting with flash fiction lately and thought I’d share one.
What is flash fiction?
Basically, it’s a really, really short story told in under 1,000 words. Compare that to a novel that can be anywhere from 70,000-100,000 words! I decided to try my hand at flash fiction because sometimes plotting out and navigating a full novel can be overwhelming.

Children Growing Through the Years – Video

I created a video slideshow of my children growing through the years and experienced so many emotions during the making of it: joy, love, laughter, pride, nostalgia, and so on. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I relived the years of their younger selves. I never get tired of watching the video.

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