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Self-acknowledged introvert.

Dreamer of Paris.

Fascinated by octopus.

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Forgotten – Flash Fiction

I gained inspiration for this new bit of flash fiction after spending time in an old cemetery with my camera. This particular tombstone seemed so lonely and forgotten that I wanted to write about it.

Here I lie forgotten, broken, sunken in the ground. Do you see me? No. No one sees me. In life I was just a shadow on the wall. In death I’m a chore for the groundskeeper.

Waiting Room – Flash Fiction

Here’s a flash fiction piece under 300 words. I don’t have an introduction, just read it and see what you think!

Two men, strangers just moments ago, sit side by side in a hospital waiting room. The younger waits for a new life, his first child, to enter this world. The older waits for his gray haired sweetheart, the love of his life, to leave this world.

Fireflies – Flash Fiction

Here’s another attempt at flash fiction. This time the word count was limited to 300 words.

This piece was inspired by a memory from several summers ago when I was visiting my Grandma in Kansas. She has this wonderful backyard with large trees and dense foliage at the back property line. One night I went out and fireflies where everywhere.

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